January 7, 2015

I know we are already one week into the new year, and if may be too late for resolutions, but allow me to commend to you the single most significant habit of my life.  Since the time I was in High School, I have made a point to carve out some time each day to spend with God.  Call it what you will – quiet time, devotions, or whatever other label you’d like to attach – I cannot overstate the impact a few minutes a day could have in your life.  Over the years this time has been used by God to help me know him more.   In the process, I have come to know myself more too.   Nothing has done more for my spiritual development than this – not sermons or Bible Studies or seminary classes or anything else.   By stilling my heart for a few moments and allowing God to speak into my life I have often heard from him in profound and practical ways. I marvel how God can speak personally to us through his word.

As a church, we are promoting a reading program through Scripture Union entitled Encounter with God.  We will have hard copies of the first quarter’s guide available on Sunday.  The readings are also available online here.  It’s not the only program that is available, but it is one that I like.  If you don’t already have a plan, let me encourage you to give this a try.  Each day’s reading is usually a chapter or less in the Bible.  You can even sign up to get the daily reading sent to your e-mail so you can read it each day as you check your e-mail.  The new year is a great time to make this commitment.  See if it doesn’t transform your life like it has mine.

One more thing.  Sunday evenings at 6:00 pm a group of us gather in my living room to talk about what we are learning from these readings.  It’s good conversation, a rare opportunity for unrushed dialogue about spiritual matters.  I never come with an agenda.  I trust that God will bring up the things that will be most helpful for the group.  I always feel like I learn from others through what they share.  You are welcome to come…even the snowbirds.

Pastor Phil

PS – I’d love to hear about other reading plans you may be using.  What has worked best for you?  Let me know.  I’ll throw up a thread on the Facebook page and you can add your two cents there too.